Bondi Set Leggings & Sports Bra Black/Grey



Do you want to buy Bondi set leggings & sports bra. Wearing the Savoy Active Bondi Set – Leggings & Sports Bra in black and grey – means that you’re serious about fitness. This performance-tested set offers the best in both style and functionality, and will ensure you’ll get the best workout possible!


Check Out Black & Grey Bondi Sports Bra

Features at a Glance:

90% polyester, 10% spandex

Made in China

Sculpted compression fit

Performance tested

Machine washable

Set includes both leggings & sports bra

Bondi Set Leggings Features:

1. It can maximize the benefits of movement not only during sports sessions
but also during normal daily life or any physical activity.
2. The material in this item will not only raise your body temperature,
it will also absorb sweat, so you will always be dry and dry.
. Its material composed of fibers ensuring good compression
and increasing the temperature inside the Capri will make you sweat more,
especially during physical exertion. This silhouette sculptor will help you
reduce the tummy, hips, and thighs. Size

Additional Information:

1. This is a quality company-produced item.
You can therefore buy it without fear of workmanship.
2. It is advisable to wash this item separately from other clothes.
. This item is made of neoprene and may have a slight rubber odor before being washed for the first time.

Additional information


Black & Grey




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