How To Wear The Crop Top Without Vulgarity?

crop top without vulgarity

How to wear crop top without vulgarity? Well if you like crop top and pants you know exactly how to wear it. For several seasons now, the crop top (or cropped top) has imposed itself in our wardrobes, thus becoming a formidable ally to be well-looked. However, badly worn, he can be a formidable enemy and quickly turn into a lack of taste. So how do you do it? If you like crop top and pant you can buy it from our online store too.

The crop top

Its name already says it all: it comes from the English ” crop “, or “cut short” and from ” top “, anglicism used for a very long time in the US fashion glossary instead. of the term “high”. Proudly sported in the 1990s by Madonna and other Spice Girls, the top short arriving above the navel has made a comeback dazzling summer 2013 and has since never left our closets.

The tips for wearing the crop top … without being vulgar?
Because we don’t all have an ultra-flat stomach and because showing your navel is not necessarily easy for ordinary people, here are some ideas for wearing the crop top without revealing everything about your body …

How To Wear Crop Top Without Vulgarity?

With a high waist piece
The high waist: here is a good alternative to be stylish while lengthening our legs! In addition to shaping the stomach, it allows you to erase those small bulges that you cannot see while covering the navel (thus avoiding catching a cold!). Whether you choose a pencil or skater skirt, flared pants or slim or even shorts, the crop top will be able to combine perfectly and even during the cooler seasons.

With a blazer
Combined with a blazer jacket, an essential piece of the workwear wardrobe, the crop top will be discreet while having little effect. The belly being hidden by the jacket, whether it is buttoned or not, we reveal a few pieces of skin as we move, without showing everything. A mix that the more daring can wear to the office!

In superposition
Layering is a good way to wear your crop top without showing an inch of your stomach, as long as it has long sleeves! We especially recommend wearing a loose cropped sweater over a clean, well-cut shirt. Be careful, however, to excessive overlays which could enlarge the silhouette: we, therefore, make sure to balance the bottom with slim pants, close to the body, or even straight pants.

By choosing the right length

You don’t have to choose a bralette-style crop top; you can also opt for a top that stops just below the belly button. We especially take care to choose the right length, because we could believe that the said top has shrunk a little too much in the machine … However, if we want to choose it ultra-short, it is advisable to balance with a size high at the level of the abdominal belt, otherwise, we could quickly fall into vulgarity

Who can wear the crop top?
The petite women can obviously afford to carry the crop top with all sauces. And for those who willingly assume their flat stomach and are comfortable showing it, dare to reveal it if you wish, but be on your guard: the vulgar is so quickly arrived!

Also, the youngest will be able to benefit more from the short tops than their elders. Unfortunately, when you reach a certain age, it’s like miniskirts: all short things come to an end …
Finally, it is not because we are round that we can not wear anything: yes, the crop top is suitable for both thin and plump, as long as you take care not to highlight your breasts too much. , under penalty of being inelegant. The high waist skirt will be perfect for these ladies who will be able to hide their stomachs; combined with a cropped top, they can even reveal a thin strip of skin.

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