How To Choose Your Jeans?

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What are the different types of jeans cuts?

Skinny, slim, bootcut, flare, mom, boyfriend … There are a multitude of cuts of jeans for women and it is not always easy to see clearly. Discover the main existing shapes and their characteristics in order to choose the jeans that suit you best.

Super skinny
The super skinny jeans have the same characteristics as the skinny jeans but are even more fitted. It is aimed at all women looking for a fashionable and sexy look.

Skinny jeans are very close to the body with almost a second skin effect.

Skinny jeans go particularly well to women with slender profiles but will also delight women who are not afraid to show off their curves.

The slim jeans are halfway between skinny jeans and regular jeans. It molds the thighs and calves without however sticking completely to the skin at the ankles.

Slim jeans are suitable for most body types, even the roundest. It nicely emphasizes the shapes and gives a slender appearance to the silhouette. The little ones will also be delighted to see that it lengthens the silhouette.

How To Choose Your Jeans?

Regular / straight
The regular (straight or straight) is the classic and timeless jean cut par excellence. His characteristics ? A straight leg from the pelvis to the ankles which emphasizes the body without tightening it.

Straight jeans have the advantage of being suitable for all body types and being ultra comfortable. It is particularly suitable if you have a little muscular thighs and a little strong calves.

This jeans cut is the cousin of the bootcut. The main difference? The flare jeans are more flared at the bottom and slowly begin to widen from the underside of the buttocks. In many ways, the flare cut is reminiscent of the famous elephant leg pants of the 1970s.

It fits almost all body types but is particularly suitable for tall women and / or wishing to blur their curves and those who have a strong thigh. Wear with classic heels or wedges to keep from looking crowded.

Mom, boyfriend
This cut of jeans for women has been one of the most popular among fashionistas in recent years. Resolutely loose at the hips and over the entire leg length, high waist, rolled up at the ankle: it is comfortable and gives a relaxed look. Boyfriend jeans highlight the buttocks as long as you don’t choose them too big. Boyfriend jeans are particularly suitable during the summer or spring season.

PS: these jeans are called boyfriend because they are loose and look straight out of a man’s closet. There are variations, the girlfriend and the mom jeans which are a little more fitted.

Even if some may not agree at first glance, the jeggings definitely deserve their place among the jeans for women . It is a mix between the leggings, of which it has the shape, and the jeans, of which it takes again the material.

His particuliarity ? Its high capacity in elastane which offers great freedom of movement and great comfort. Wear with ankle boots, pumps or trainers for an ultra casual look.

Plus size jeans
Plus size jeans are specially designed for curvy women. It is thought to highlight the shapes. The stomach, the love handles as well as the generous hips and buttocks will be perfectly comfortable and comfortable.

Plus size jeans for women are generally available in the same fits as jeans from the classic lines. Slim, skinny, bootcut, flare, regular: you are spoiled for choice.

Maternity jeans
Finding suitable pants when expecting a child is not always easy. The pregnancy jeans are specially designed to fit the body of pregnant women.

They are often elasticated at the waist and fitted with an elastic band that covers the stomach without compressing it. This bandeau is also ideal for not feeling cold or seeing your belly revealing itself when you wear slightly short tops.

The different washes of jeans

Should you choose raw, stoned, bleached, white or black jeans ? Learn about the main types of jeans wash and choose the one or more that suits your style.

Raw is the most popular type of jeans. Its indigo color adapts to all types of outfits (formal or informal) and gives them an elegant touch.

He did not undergo any treatment after being dyed. It washes out over the years, making each pair of jeans unique.

Stone jeans (washed, stone wash or faded) are raw jeans that have undergone different treatments. The result is a washed-out, clearer look and an aged effect that doesn’t lack in style. It is often softer than raw jeans.

Stone jeans are perfect for casual or dressy outfits.

A classic of the 1980s, bleached jeans are washed out to the extreme and almost give the impression of having received bleach.
Its very light blue color is ideal for spring and summer.

Be careful, bleached jeans, like all light colors, tend to thicken the silhouette.

The gray jeans is black jeans that were faded. It can be light or dark.

A real basic to have in your wardrobe, it offers an excellent alternative to black or raw jeans.

Its neutral color particularly highlights tops in bright colors, textured or with patterns.

Black jeans are an alternative to raw jeans. Its color instantly makes outfits more dressy, or depending on the style, more rock’n’roll.

Note that the Black jeans are also available in a coated version. This version is mainly worn in the evening.

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