How To Choose And Wear A Long Dress?

How To Choose And Wear A Long Dress

Do you like to wear a long dress like VNECK CAMI MAXI DRESS? Today we will tell you how to choose and wear a long dress.

If there is one type of dress that does not go out of style over the years, it is the long dress. Feminine, elegant, suitable for all ages and (almost) all situations, it also has the advantage of camouflaging any small flaws while giving us a look that is always very chic, provided of course that it is worn as it is.

The new spring/summer 2021/2022 collection from Felix Fit LLC, New Look really makes you want to adopt the long dress!

To avoid missteps, here are some tips that will help you know how to choose and wear the maxi dress according to your figure.

When to wear a long dress?
Spring and summer are the best seasons to wear a maxi dress.

Best Dresses
The long bohemian dress with colorful or floral patterns will give you a very bucolic style and will perfectly accompany your walks on the beach, in town, or in the countryside.

If you opt for a long white dress, often associated with the wedding dress, it should be worn with sandals or sneakers, without frills or lace, to break this well-anchored image. In a simple cut and worn with a few accessories, it will be your asset for a chic casual look in summer.

For a chic evening, a long evening dress will make you look like a princess. Opt for a long black dress that can be both classics, to wear in town with flat sandals or chic with pumps for a super classy look. Choose a model with a side slit or a wrap cut for even more femininity.

How To Choose And Wear A Long Dress?

Choose And Wear A Long Dress

Which long dress for which morphology?
Be reassured in advance: the long dress goes to almost all body types. Whether you are thin, plump, whether you have a marked waist, generous hips, stomach, or a small chest, there is no reason not to dare to wear a long dress, on the contrary.

If you are tall and thin, you are lucky enough to be able to wear everything: plain, floral, patterned, or striped long dress… anything goes.

What long dress when you’re little?
The only limit will go to women under 1m60, the long dress obviously not helping to lengthen the silhouette. If you are petite and want to wear a long dress at all costs, opt for a slit or asymmetrical long dress and wear it preferably with heels, favoring square heels rather than stilettos, and opt for a color plain that will lengthen you more than a two-tone dress.

How long is round when we are round?
Curvy women should favor solid colors and avoid imposing patterns as well as horizontal stripes which have the effect of widening the silhouette. There are many models of plus-size long dresses which have the advantage of highlighting the round silhouettes while camouflaging the small flaws.

Whatever your body type, prefer natural materials and fluid cuts. A long dress can of course be close to the body, but it should not be too tight so as not to crush your curves or too loose to avoid the “potato sack” effect.

Wear A Long Dress Today

How to wear a long dress?
In general, the long dress is sufficient on its own, but a few accessories will highlight it and enhance your look.

First of all, for a very casual look, always prefer to wear a long dress with flats: sandals, ankle boots, or even small low sneakers will do perfectly with a long summer dress.

The maxi dress doesn’t really lend itself to stiletto heels, but if you wear it in the evening or on a special occasion, team it with pretty, simple, and elegant pumps.

Large hats and large bags or tote bags are very elegant accessories to wear with a maxi dress, as are large necklaces. As for the jackets, they must be fitted and close to the body, short or reaching the waist maximum so as not to break the silhouette.

How To Choose A Long Dress?

You now have all the keys in hand to choose and wear a long dress. Cellulite, neglected hair removal, skin that is not tanned enough, complexes… the dress will hide everything. So you no longer have any excuse not to wear a long dress this summer!

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