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We are a rising star when it comes to women sportswear.​

Use 100% Sustainable Materials At Most Cheapable Pricing​

Read this about us page and know who we are. Our high-quality functional clothing made from natural fibers impresses with their exceptional natural properties: optimal regulation of body temperature, excellent moisture management and natural antibacterial properties.

Felix fit assumed goal is to use 100% sustainable materials by 2030. Here is how we will achieve our goals.

Felix fit sportswear is largely suited to the requirements of recreational and competitive sportspeople. You can run, ski or cross-country ski, cycle or even hike with passion in the great outdoors and enjoy pleasant comfort thanks to Felix fit functional clothing.

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Nature in all its beauty is close to our hearts. Felix fit is a quality-conscious company that takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously.
Felix fit is aware of its great responsibility towards our planet so that you can continue to discover the beauty of nature through outdoor activities for a very long time to come.


The demands on sportswear are particularly high for women. The anatomy of the female body requires support mechanisms, and at the same time, women want to look beautiful at all times, even when running, biking, cross-country skiing or hiking. Felix fit has designed sportswear for women that meet all of these needs. Whether competitive sports or the occasional leisure run – with Felix fit you will feel perfectly comfortable in your sportswear.

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Breathability and thermal insulation are the most important requirements for functional sportswear. Thanks to sports underwear, you can be sure that your body will be warmed up or refreshed during all sports activities.
Functional training and outdoor clothing for sporty and active women convince all along the line. Felix fit combines synthetic fibres, particularly light and breathable, with natural materials such as cotton, merino wool. The blend is not only comfortable to wear, but it warms you up and insulates you from variations in outside temperature.

If daily outdoor running requires optimal skin-cooling, especially in hot weather, you don’t have to worry about getting cold hands and feet when cross-country skiing. The Felix fit sportswear designed for the peculiarities of the four seasons and protect you from all the elements.


With Felix fit advanced microclimate management, you are ready for any sporting activity. When cycling or running in the sun, your skin stays pleasantly cool and there is no sweat and humidity. During pleasant cross-country skiing, winter hiking and fast alpine skiing sessions, the different layers keep you pleasantly warm and dry. Felix fit sportswear for women gives you maximum functionality.

Women who love to be in the great outdoors and want to achieve top performance will discover a diverse range of functional sports underwear, mid-weight shirts, breathable and insulated pants with high protection against all elements. Practical sportswear for women, with its innovative fabric structures and figure-hugging cuts in trendy colours, contributes to sporting success.


One of Felix fit challenges were to create sports underwear that at the same time support and provide optimal comfort for the user. The different levels of activity are reflected in sports bras. Three different support levels – soft, medium and high – are available to choose from. Leggings, briefs, long-sleeved shirts and ski underwear complete the Felix fit range with the quality that characterizes it.

In addition to sports underwear, Felix fit offers you bags and backpacks that allow you to store your most important valuables, whether on a ski tour or on an excursion. Sports socks made of compressive material, which strengthen your particularly stressed areas and thus prevent injuries and muscle pain, are part of functional sportswear for women.